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CTA An extremely adaptable project and service improvement specialist, I have spent most of my career in the health and social care field.  I have experience in the English National Health Service, Social Care, and have worked in human services in Massachusetts and hospital management on a voluntary basis in post conflict Northern Uganda. My usual base is currently the North West of England, but I will travel.

I believe that the best projects are the most collaborative, and that listening to patients and health service professionals at all levels and of all types is the only way to sustain improvements.

I love new challenges, and my favourite roles have been the ones where I have managed multiple projects in widely differing fields.  My successes include strategic plans and refreshes across health and social care in Swindon, whilst also running engagement events for the public to design integrated services and increasing awareness of patient choice, introducing new programmes of work around medical technologies at NICE, training clinicians on patient involvement in guidance development at the Guidelines International Network Conference in 2010 in Chicago, and developing an Urgent Care Network across the Bath and North East Somerset, Wiltshire and Swindon region, and conducting an organisational case study in the Netherlands.  I have managed complex teams, including the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme at NICE and programme management office administration and the communications team at NHS Swindon.  Hitting the ground running, I have also helped two hospitals draft their five year strategies on a voluntary basis, in fewer than 8 weeks each, whilst I was waiting for the start of my current project in Uganda.

As well as my practical experience in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Uganda, I have an MA in Psychology, an MSc in Healthcare Leadership and Management (which included a module on Lean and several others on organisational development and analysis), a PGC in Health Economics, and have studied a one semester class in management of the non profit in Harvard Extension School.

In my spare time I run 10ks (very slowly), climb hills, cook, and take too many photos on my holidays.

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