Evaluation of the Achieving Self Care Project, Lancashire Mind

I very much enjoyed working with Lancashire Mind on the evaluation of the Achieving Self Care Project, which they ran in Blackburn, Lancashire.  The project aimed to improve people’s self care and coping skills, allowing people with long term conditions, anxiety or depression to set their own goals for improving their life, for example returning to work or volunteering, or making it to the shops independently.

The project also took an asset based community development approach, aiming to support people to run their own groups, and help others.

The project was very successful, seeing 2200 people and improving employment rates, reducing health care utilisation and seeing people report improvements to their quality of life on a range of measures.  Several people have emerged as real leaders in their communities.

I wish Lancashire Mind every success with their next steps, and was very glad of the opportunity to work with them!


Click to access ASC-evaluation_Full-report.pdf

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